RexaDrene Ingredient Info

RexaDrene Male Enhancement Ingredients

We’re going to divide this section into two sections.  First, the herbal ingredients.  These include extracts and powders from some hard to find and exotic plants.

RexaDrene Natural Ingredients

Tribulus Terrestris – You’ll find Tribulus Terrestris in a ton of male enhancement supplements.  Why?  Because it’s very good at boosting hormone levels.  That can lead to a much more powerful sex drive, as well as increased hardness.

Long Jack – Long Jack, or Tongkat Ali, has been used for centuries as a natural aphrodisiac.  But it wasn’t until recently that supplement makers started to take note.  Now it’s found in premium male enhancement products like Rexadrene.  It’s sourced from Malaysia, and gives some really nice, performance enhancing effects.

Tribulus Aquaticus – This is the first time we’ve ran across this lesser-known Tribulus variant.  It’s used much in the way that Tribulus Terrestris is used, to boost testosterone.  But the two, when combined, form a symbiotic relationship of sorts.  They work together to increase the efficacy of one another, leading to all kinds of benefits in the bedroom.

RexaDrene Scientific Ingredients

While natural ingredients are all well and good, sometimes supplements forget that they also need to use verified-effective ingredients as well.  In the case of RexaDrene, they’re using a nice blend of two of our favorite muscle building amino acids.  Muscle building?  We’ll explain in a minute.

L-Citrulline – If you take an amino acid supplement, you’ve probably heard of L-Citrulline.  It’s used primarily as a vasodilator, meaning it works to boost the size of your veins and arteries.  So, why is that necessary in a male enhancement supplement?  In short, your penis is comprised of two chambers.  One of those chambers fills with blood when you’re erect.  So getting more blood to that chamber can help increase size and hardness.

Arginine Alpha-KetoGlutarate – Arginine Alpha KetoGlutarate, or AKG as it’s known in muscle building, is another interesting addition to the supplement.  It’s used to increase nirtric oxide levels in the blood, which further increases bloodflow to your most important organ.  Additionally, it gives a solid boost of energy that can amaze and astound the most hard to please partners.

How To Use RexaDrene

RexaDrene is available in an easy to use pill form, making it ideal for inconspicuous use.  When you take it, be sure to take it with a full glass of water.  We’re not exactly sure on if you get better results on an empty or full stomach, so that might take a bit of experimenting on your part.  One thing we definitely do recommend, and it’s a view shared by the company, is that for the best results, you should be taking the supplement for anywhere from 30 to 60 days.  That way your body can take full advantage of the powerful ingredients.  You should feel an instant boost in libido and stamina when you start using RexaDrene, but for some, it might take up to a week to start to feel the effects.

How Is RexaDrene Shipped? 

This is one of our favorite perks of RexaDrene other than the great male enhancement results (of course), they offer discreet shipping and billing practices.  After all, there’s nothing worse than getting something in the male that screams I’M HAVING TROUBLE IN BED.  So don’t be afraid to order, RexaDrene has your back. 

Which Package Is Right For Me?

RexaDrene, as we mentioned earlier, is available in a few buying packages.  The first one, a month supply, runs at $39.95.  The next step up, a three month supply, runs $79.95.  That’s a pretty hefty savings for a three month supply.  But the real monster deal with this one is the 7 month supply, which costs only $159.95, and saves you up to $490 strong.  Pretty nice, right?